Frequently Asked

Do you have a private room for birthday parties?
No we do not, we have a semi private area that can be made available if required.

What is the best way to contact you?
Click here for the Stoked Centre, and click here for the Stoked Kitchen & Bar.

Can I bring outside food/drink?
No, we have a full service restaurant and café on premises that can provide most everything, accommodate dietary and allergy restrictions. The only outside item we allow is a birthday dessert if requested through our events coordinator or manager on site.

How do I pay for my event?
You can pay for your event by CC authorization attached on last page of event contract

What happens if my food order changes?
Contact our Event Coordinator 72 hours prior to event date. All food orders are to be paid 1 week prior to event date.

How do I book a large group event?
If you are looking to book a large group event, please email or call our Event Coordinators with your request. Large group bookings are considered 25+ people.
Each race is 10 minutes long

How long is ziplining?
Ziplining is booked at the top of every hour for 1 hour

How many people per bowling lane?
6 people

Do you allow food and beverage in the bowling alley?
Yes, we have tables in the lanes and counters at the back of lanes to accommodate food and beverages for customers. We have a menu available to order from, as well as a bar in the bowling alley for beverages.

Can you consume alcohol prior to ziplining and/or racing?
No, due to safety regulations and the safety of all staff and patrons, no alcohol can be consumed prior to these activities.

Are there weight and heigh restrictions for go karts and zipline?
Yes, the weight restriction is 250lbs and the heigh restrictions are 48” for zipline and 52” for go karts.

Is the bowling alley licensed?

Are kids allowed in the bar or at the bar?
We are an all ages facility, so children are welcome in all areas, we ask that customers be respectful of everyone and consider the time and environment for children to be present. Children are not allowed to sit at any of the bartop locations in the restaurant, bowling alley or arcade area.

How long can we bowl for?
You can bowl for as little as ½ hour. Typical booking for bowling starts at an hour of bowling and can be extended at the end of your time if there are no reservations/bookings after your purchased time.

How can I book/reserve a party or certain activities?
You are welcome to reserve and pay for Go Karts and Zipline online at www.stokedcentre.ca.

Can I book a group of us for Go Karts or Zipline online?
You can book a group of 8 participants online, if you have a group larger than 8 you will need to contact our Event Coordinators to assist booking your race times. You can book a group of up to 15 for ziplining/ropes course, if you have a group larger, you will need to contact the Event Coordinators to assist in booking.

Do you host corporate events?
We do host corporate events! If you are looking for a fun team building event for your staff and would like to book some fun out of the office, contact our Events team via email or phone and they would be happy to help customize your event!

Do we have to wear closed toe shoes for go karting and ziplining?
Yes due to safety regulations you are required to wear closed toe shoes for both these activities.

What age do you have to be to go on the go karts and zipline?
For a complete list of rules, visit Velocity Raceway and SkyTrail/SkyRail.

How many arcade games do you have? When is the arcade going to be completed?
We have a limited selection on the main floor by the bowling alley at this time, we have 6 different games that can have up to 4 people on at once, some are individual played and some can have up to 4 people playing together at once. (Estimated time of upstairs to be completed)

What is the price of the arcade?
The arcade games are setup on a credit system. You can purchase reloadable cards that hold credits for the games that can be tapped to start play. There is no time limit on games at this time, we just ask that our customers be respectful of their playtime as we do have limited machines at this time.

Can we book the track for a private event?

Can we book or reserve the arcade?
We don’t have the ability to reserve our venues individually, we like to have everyone be able to enjoy our facilities during operating hours.

For birthday parties, can we bring in our own cake or birthday dessert?
Yes, there is a fee to bring in a birthday cake or dessert. The cost for this is $2 per person. We do offer to provide you with a birthday cake or dessert starting at $5 per person.

What is the difference between VIP bowling and Regular bowling?
Our VIP bowling is 4 lanes that can be reserved or booked 2 lanes at a time, due to shared space. The 4 VIP lanes are equipped with the Spark Interactive Experience which is a projector that projects graphics onto the bowling lane where the ball can interact with the graphics enhancing the bowling game experience. Our Regular Bowling is standard 10 pin Glow Bowling.

Do you have 5 or 10 pin bowling?
We are a 10 pin bowling venue.

Do you have the bowling ramps for smaller children?

Do you have smaller/lighter balls for younger bowlers or bowlers who require less weight?
Yes, we do have lighter weighted balls for our younger and young at heart bowlers who require the lighter weight.

Does the restaurant have vegetarian or gluten free options?
Yes, we do, we have several items on our menu that accommodate these dietary needs.

Do you allow dogs on your patio?
Yes! Bring your furry friends and enjoy some food and drinks on our patio.

Where are you located?
We are located on the east side of Saskatoon in the newest developed neighborhood of Brighton. Our physical address is 303 Owen Manor, Saskatoon, SK.